Ace that next video interview

Companies are using videos as an easy way to interview candidates. Artificial intelligence ranks each candidate, without any human ever interfering. But how do you actually do an online interview? Find out here..

their why

Video interviews with a success ranking by AI is cheap and safe

Imagine a company like Unilever. Every year hordes of people try to get hired. Live interviews require effort and time, while getting the job often depends largely on a personal click between you and the interviewer rather than skill. Companies try to mitigate 

01. Cost cutting

Interviewing 1000 people requires tons of personnel and effort. Video interviewing replaces the personal interview and thus also the HR person doing it. 

02. prevent discrimination or subjectivity

The person interviewing you does represent the company, but also has his own personality and experiences making him or her often not an objective judge of caracter. Video interviewing does not suffer from subjectivity, nor discrimination and is therefore a lawsuit free and safe way to recruit. 

03. difficulty of comparing

Next to the effort interviewing requires, comparing different profiles is often difficult. Imagine seeing 20 people per day and at the end of the week still having to remember and compare each one… for most people this is simply impossible.


A lot can be deducted from video: your behaviour, energy levels and attitude are only a few characteristics that are easily derived. These characteristics are compared to those of people already working at the company. A good match could result in a job offer.

Company decides on personality traits

The hiring company decides on which traits are important to the company.

Benchmarking and setting limits

A limit is set to which extent YOU have to satisfy these traits.

Compare YOU to the personality traits

After your video interview YOU are compared to preferred personality traits using AI.

AI ranks you and gives hire/fire advice

You receive a ranking and the AI gives the company advise on how much you fit the company standards.

we can help you to be an augmented you

The basics of an interview can be reduced to three stages. But it all comes down to becoming the best version of yourself.

Prepare your 'self'

There is a great many things you need to take care of before the interview: starting with a thorough clean-up of your social media, answering practice questions and ensuring the right set-up for the video interview.. Most importantly however you need to prepare an augmented version of yourself.

Ace that video interview

The best way to conduct an interview is to present a "polished'' version of yourself, meaning that you do tell the truth but that you prioritize good aspects of yourself instead of telling everything. All the while making sure that your body language is on point.
Find advise and tips here.

The aftermath

In the aftermath your video gets analysed and all needed parameters are extracted. Your results are compared to an existing database of desired outcomes and to parameters of people that passed.
The AI simply gives the company a go or a no-go, meaning you'll either get a call, or not.