Prepare your 'self'

You received an invitation for the online AI video interview. Now become an augmented you
and get that job. 


Clean up your social media

The company you interview for will almost certainly manually or automatically check your social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Depending on the company a few drunk pics are allowed, but in any case avoid any political affiliation, you smoking (a blunt), or sexually oriented pictures. 


Have an eye-catching resume

Your CV is a summary of who you want to be in front of a company. Making a good resume is key and requires some thought and effort. This site does not focus on writing CVs, however the best references can be found below:


NEVER postpone your AI video interview

Postponing an interview is taken into account in the AI selection procedure! Therefore never reschedule because of time constraints on your side. Postponing might not be the reason you are excluded from the selection procedure, but it might tip the scales. 


Set the scene and have the right gear

The AI looking for parameters in your recorded videos also checks your surroundings. Make sure that you are in a quiet environment and that everything in sight of the camera is tidy and politically correct -no one wants to see your messy room with a few teenage playboy posters on the wall. 

Make sure you also have the right camera and microphone. Older laptops mostly do not score very well here -therefore do a health check of your system. If the quality is too bad, try too borrow that new Macbook from a friend.. also make sure you have ample lighting on both sides of your face. Don’t be afraid to get out all desk lamps you have at home. 



The most important aspect before the actual interview: you will need to prepare thoroughly.

Foresee the known and unknown

As for a real life interview  the questions asked in an AI interview will be similar. The classical questions are easy to answer because they mainly center about you, the job, the company and the industry. A good overview of the classical questions can be found on the two sites below:

However note that you also need to be prepared for the unknown questions -these are generally questions to measure how you think and how you react. An exhaustive list can be found in the links below: 

Make sure you prepared for these questions and that your response is limited to only 2 to 3 minutes. 

We advise individual practice first and afterwards practice with a friend or relative, giving them a range of questions which they can ask in a random order.

Work on your presence

Two element to consider here: 

Your physical appearance is obviously important – dress for the job you want and mirror the dress code on the workfloor. If you apply to a company where people generally wear casual clothes, then also dress casually. For companies with more formal dresscodes, wear a suit. 

The behaviour you will show throughout the interview is of utmost importance – therefore practice! 

  •  Sit up straight, do not let those shoulders hang.
  • Lean slightly forward as this shows an eagerness and a go-getter attitude
  •  Research shows that smiling in the beginning of an interview is perceived as friendly, however note that this needs to be followed by a more serious attitude when you go deeper into the interview. 
  • Practice speaking in a confident way. Good tips can be found in Dale Carnegie’s book The Art of Public Speaking (summary here). It all comes down to preparing, emphasizing, inciting emotion and having a good voice. Strictly you will not do any public speaking here, but the principles still apply.