and the aftermath

Your interview has ended. What happens in the meantime? And how do you proceed next? 

their why

Artificial intelligence extracts needed info from your videos and interaction with the company

Your videos and interaction with the company and platform are analyzed and the much needed parameters (see below for overview) are extracted. Next the assessment can begin.

01. collection of your parameters

The parameters for your assessment are extracted from your video responses, your interaction with the company and the interviewing platform so far. 
From your videos the AI tries to assess emotions, attitude and intelligence, next to the general fit with the company. 

02. comparison of your and the desired parameters

Your parameters will be compared to the desired parameters. The desired parameters are assembled in two ways: (1) by simply creating them or (2) by collecting the parameters of other successful people  and distilling this into the desired parameters. 

03. AI ranks you and other interviewees

The comparison delivers a success factor and a recommendation to hire or not. The AI orders all candidates from most to least desirable. 

04. an Hr person screens the top of the list

A check-up is performed by an HR person starting from the most desirable candidates. The HR person subsequently admits suitable candidates to the next round. When enough candidates are hired, the rest of the list gets excluded. 

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